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Our virtual professor knows absolutely everything about the Spanish language and all things Spanish or Latin American. El Profe aims to answer current student enquiries within 24 hours. If you are not a student then please feel free to consult El Profe but he may take a while longer to get back to you.

Sometimes El Profe is online and can speak with you live. Click on the image to the right to give it a try.

All previous answers from El Profe can be found here.

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Recent questions/answers

Q. I’ve found the following statements: “El cielo es azul” and “El cielo está azul” (The sky is blue). Which one is correct?

A. Both statements are correct, although they mean different things. Notice the use of different verbs: ser and estar. When used with adjectives, ser denotes a permanent characteristic whereas estar indicates a state or condition. Cont....

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