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The Spanish Machine
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Our Philosophy

Communication for the real world: From the very first day, our aim is for students to start expressing themselves in modern useful Spanish. The focus is on providing students with the tools to enable them to communicate effectively in practical, everday situations, with tasks and activites carried out within a meaningful context. The four key skills; listening, speaking, reading and writing are all catered for, although emphasis for most students is placed on speaking and listening.

Learner centred: A learner centred approach means tutors adapt lessons to your way of learning making the whole experience more personal, rewarding and efficient. We rely on our team of qualified and experienced native tutors to support you throughout your period of tuition and help you to reach your full potential.

Practise makes perfect: Time with the tutor is used to the maximum benefit and focuses on practising oral and listening skills and introducing new structures. Written work is generally carried out at home and will help consolidate what's been covered in the session with the tutor.

Our most important asset -- our tutors: We pride ourselves in collaborating with capable and professional tutors. We all have the means to learn a language, we just have to find the best way to learn. Your tutor will get you speaking Spanish from the very first day and tailor tuition to meet your needs.

Flexibility: Before allocating your tutor, we'll first assess your needs and what you want to achieve and discuss the best way to go about it. Throughout the course students are free to suggest new methods more appropriate for their needs or likes. Our tutors are all encouraged to be flexible, open-minded and see students as individuals.

The material used in the lessons will be, when possible, from real sources, such as newspapers, magazines or the Internet. This is especially vital in conversation classes.

When learning or improving a language it is important to be aware of a little history, culture and current affairs of the country where it is spoken. Students will be able to suggest any subject of discussion, books, films, etc. that might be of interest. All new ideas are welcome.

So if the Not-Just-One-Method method appeals then The Spanish Machine was made for you.