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Our Spanish Tutors

Our tutors are our greatest asset and we are proud to collaborate with a team of highly professional and efficient individuals. To be able to join our teaching force, all candidates undergo a vigorous selection procedure.

All teachers are native Spanish speakers from all over the Spanish speaking world including Spain, Argentina, Mexico, Peru, Chile and Colombia. We consider this to be a vital attribute, but we also know that being a native speaker doesn't make you a language teacher. That's why we also make sure that tutors have been instructed with the latest techniques in language training.

They are all qualified language trainers, degree educated and have significant teaching experience. Many of them have dedicated their professional life to teaching while others have found their vocation while living in a foreign country. Their academic backgrounds are varied and interesting and may include an MA in Teaching Spanish as a Foreign Language or degrees in Psychology, Drama, Law, Business Studies, Translation, Art or Journalism for example.

All have something in common: they love teaching their mother tongue and have been instructed to do so using modern teaching techniques in a friendly, efficient and fun way. Unlike many other organisations we keep in constant touch with our teaching force to ensure they are providing their clients with the best service. We hold monthly meetings for all our tutors to discuss and exchange new ideas and improve their teaching.

Most importantly, apart from the key part academic background plays in the selection process, we make sure by having a long and personal interview with each one of them, that we also choose the most likeable, personable and professional teachers in London. We are very happy to work with them and students benefit from learning in a friendly and professional environment.


Do you have what it takes to work with The Spanish Machine?