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Terms of Business

The Spanish Machine is a trading name of The Language Machine Ltd.

These Terms of Business are between The Language Machine Ltd (acting for itself and as an agent on behalf of the Tutor introduced by The Language Machine Ltd (“the Tutor”)) and the Client and are deemed to have been accepted once a session of tuition has been arranged with a Tutor, or the Tutor has been introduced to a Client and/or student nominated by the Client (“the Student”).

The Language Machine Ltd (TLM) acts as an agent for Tutors by providing introductions with Clients and vice-versa. TLM collects fees from Clients on behalf of Tutors as well as its commission which is included in the quoted tuition rate.

Fees are agreed between TLM and the Client on behalf of the Tutor prior to tuition starting. In most cases these fees will be in line with agreed published rates which can be found on the TLM website. Reasonable travel expenses are included in the published rates, but in the event that a Tutor is required to travel significant distance then it may be necessary to add a travel cost to the published rate. Clients will always be informed if there is any travel charge before commencing their tuition course.

Payment for tuition
Lessons are required to be purchased in advance in blocks. Typically, Clients purchase an initial block of 3 lessons and subsequent lessons are usually purchased in minimum blocks of 6 or 12. For Clients taking multiple lessons per week it might be easier to pay for larger blocks in advance.

Once the Client has been introduced to a Tutor and the first lesson confirmed, Clients are not entitled to a refund if they cancel the lessons before the end of the course. Refunds are discretionary and only made if the services purchased are not able to be delivered as agreed. Courses are flexible and lessons can be rescheduled for alternative dates at no charge as long as 24 hours notice is provided.

The tuition course will continue even if the Student comes to the end of their pre-paid lessons unless one-week’s notice is given to both the Tutor and TLM. If required notice has not be given then it is assumed that you wish to continue your tuition at the usual agreed time slot and sessions will be charged at the full lesson rate.

Cancellations, illness etc.
If you need to cancel a lesson due to illness, holiday or other reason, then please get in touch with your Tutor directly. Note that lessons cancelled within 24 hours for whatever reason will be charged at the full lesson rate.

Stopping Tuition
If you are going to stop tuition please give at least one week’s notice to your Tutor and TLM. If for some reason a Tutor has to stop tuition mid-course then TLM will endeavour to arrange for an alternative tutor to begin as soon as possible. If this is not possible for some reason, then a refund of the balance of any fees paid for the remaining unused tuition will be made.

The great benefit of private tuition is the ability of the Tutor to personalise the tuition for each Client. Tutors have different teaching styles and methods and there is no set course structure or materials for private tuition. Individual Tutors are responsible for the content of the tuition course and will provide handouts for lessons and will be able to recommend textbooks.

In the case of minors a responsible adult must be on the premises at all times. Tutors are not responsible for chaperoning minors or looking after premises.

TLM will always try and find the best match between the Client and Tutor, subject to availability and the needs of the Client. In the unlikely event that a Tutor does not meet your expectations then we will do our utmost to find a suitable replacement.

Tutor qualifications
All Tutors introduced are qualified and are interviewed by TLM to ensure they meet the high standards we expect of them. They come from a range of different backgrounds and hold a combination of university degrees, teaching certificates and other professional qualifications. Many Tutors have Qualified Teacher Status and are CRB checked, although if the latter is required it should be stated when contacting TLM.

The Language Machine Ltd acts as an agent on behalf of the Tutor and is not liable to the Client or any third part of any act, omission or error of the Tutor. All opinions expressed by the Tutor are not necessarily the expression of TLM.

Personal data
Clients giving personal information to TLM consent to the use of such data by TLM to carry out its business. Client personal information held by TLM will be treated in strict confidence and will only be used in relation to the services provided by TLM. Personal data will be divulged to your Tutor prior to beginning a tuition course.